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Kenyans hunt for medals on the final day of the world championships in Poland on Sunday


Kenyans will take to the field in Silesia Poland on Sunday night to compete for more medals in the final day of the world relay.

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There will be a total of 7 competitions all of which are finals on Sunday with a 400-meter final for four athletes alternating between 8 and 20 minutes at night although Kenya will not take part.

Two hours and 35 minutes later there will be a 100-meter final for four contestants to receive the men’s baton followed by the women’s final 10 minutes later although all the finals will not involve Kenyans.

The four Kenyan sisters will be the first to take part in the final one minute before three o’clock at night in the 200-meter relay race followed by the men’s final which will also feature Kenyans at 3pm and 13 minutes later.

The final competition will be a 400-meter relay for four speakers, men and finally women as Kenya misses out after finishing outside the qualifiers in Saturday’s qualifiers.

A total of 1000 athletes from 34 nations are taking part in the two-day competition.

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