Kenyan athletes, retired athletes were encouraged to practice Masters Games – KBC


Kenyan Masters athletes have been urged to continue training even after the Athletics World Athletics Games scheduled for July 2021 in Kansai Japan were postponed due to the Covid-19 tragedy.

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Kenya’s second Masters athletics chairman Sammy Ruto aka ‘Skylap’ called on runners not to lose hope despite the devastating impact on the sport in the world.

Speaking at the Conference Center in Kapenguria City, Ruto said the games were postponed because of 19 COVID barriers set up to fight coronavirus.

He stressed that veteran athletes need to remain healthy and called on those in the Police, Prisons and KDF to continue their training in preparation for the championship which he indicated could take place in another venue.

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Ruto represented Kenya in the 800 meters at the World Youth Games in Kingston Jamaica in 1982 winning a gold medal.

Ruto who is the Kenya Athletics Coordinator for the North Rift region has added that Athletics Kenya Masters is an athletics class for veteran athletes in track and field, road and ground running.

“The competition includes groups of five-year-olds from the age of 35. Men aged 105 and women over 100 have participated in running, jumping, javelin and discus,” he said.

Skylap suggested that runners will be selected to take part in sports if disaster strikes.

“We need to protect the health of the runners. Veterans use a lot of energy when running with young people and that’s why it was created. The winners are awarded like other runners, ”said Ruto.

He said that Athletes / Veteran Athletes were road runners and added that World Masters Athletics (WMA) is the leading Masters Athletics organization.

“It provides international standard adjustments (according to international rules of the game created by World Athletics) for athletes of a certain age. Each country manages its activities with an organization that oversees the organization that is a WMA partner,” Ruto said.

He gave a brief history of sports which is the preservation of athletes whose work is at sunset.

“The first tournament was held in 1965 in Sweden, world champions, 1967 after 14 years the sport came to Africa and for the first time became Algeria-Morocco. In 2018 Kenya participated in the Malaga Spain Games where we published amazing results including winning gold medals, “he said.

Ruto who accompanied the runners to Tunisia in 2019 during the 12th African Games stressed that the senior runners should remain fit to continue training noting that the 13th African Games will be held in Nairobi which was pushed until October, 2021.

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