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Prior to Kenya’s participation in the upcoming international sports events, Cabinet Secretary for Sports, Culture and Heritage Dr Amina Mohamed, emphasized the country’s commitment to maintaining its image as an athlete’s strength to protect the integrity of the sport.

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The move comes on the heels of allegations believed to be part of an international conspiracy ring, to tarnish Kenya’s image in the athletic world, during the arrest of an “alleged informant” who was found with several copies of forged letters allegedly sent from ADAK and Athletics Kenya.

“Kenya has gained international recognition as a competitive country with unquestionable command in long-distance races and consistent expansion in field disciplines such as Rugby, Volleyball and Basketball.”

“Similarly, Kenya has hosted some of the most successful international events including the 2007 World Athletics Championships, the Under-18 World Athletics Championships, 2017, the Continental World Athletics Championships, 2020 and the Africa-Equatorial Rally of Kenya, 2021 ”He noted in a press release from the ministry.

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Kenya is ready to host the Under-20 World Championships, Nairobi 2021, World Tour Athletics Continental 2021 and FIA / WRC Safari Rally Kenya and another tender to host the 2025 World Athletics Championships.

CS also sadly noted with great concern that whenever Kenya is about to take part in a major International Games event, unscrupulous actors are beginning to look down on decades of Kenyan eligibility in the field of sports and leadership in the fight against drug abuse.

Kenya has served on the WADA Board of Directors and has partnered with WADA to harmonize our laws with international standards, anti-drug education, anti-drug measurement systems, athletic education, technological advances in management. of results and many other key areas necessary to build an effective anti-drug environment system.

“Kenya was the second country in Africa to enact anti-drug legislation. A lot of resources have been spent on sports and building consistent processes of sports administration and ATHLETES in the CENTER of our mission to thrive ”the statement read further.

The Equatorial Rally was held over the weekend and the event continues with the steps prepared for the Kenya round of the 2021 World Rally Tournament to be held in June.

The government has been part of the teams involved in preparing and hosting the Safari Rally ID that returns home after 19 long years.

The seventh round of the World Rally was scheduled for 16 – 19 July 2020 but due to the Covid-19 catastrophe since it was delayed until 2021 following an agreement between the FIA, Promoter WRC and the Government of Kenya.

Earlier this month, Dr. Amina launched a government-issued one-week coronavirus vaccination program aimed at sports people.

Part of the beneficiaries of the program are staff members working on the WRC / FIA Safari Rally, Under-20 World Athletics Championships, World Athletics Tour and the Barthes Cup (rugby).



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