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Kenya to participate in trials of childhood malaria vaccines


Kenya is among the four African nations that will do so immunization trials against malaria in more than 5,000 children.

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The vaccine is said to have a 77 percent capacity to prevent malaria.

The results of a trial of 450 children in Burkina Fasso by researchers from Oxford University, may indicate the effectiveness of the vaccine against malaria, which kills about 40,000 people worldwide each year.

Children who received the vaccine were closely monitored for 12 months, where it was found that the vaccine has great potential to prevent malaria.

Malaria kills a large number of infants in Africa and kills many children on the continent even more than the crown disease for the past one year.

The disease caused more than 265,000 child deaths in Africa in 2019 and remains a major threat in the country.

In addition to causing the deaths of many infants in the country, malaria has been listed among the 10 most sought-after diseases at outpatient treatment centers.

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