Kenya Power is restoring a prepaid token payment system – KBC


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Kenya Power on Monday announced the reinstatement of their prepaid payment system.

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In a statement, Kenya Power said the break-up was the result of an IT collision on Sunday.

Power Company in addition noted that the sale of tokens will remain slow due to the large number of customer transactions.

“We are also working to restore normalcy in the Communication Center and operations in banking halls and other customer centers,” KPLC said.

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The statement comes as Kenyans angrily took to social media to protest the power outage in their homes linked to the purchase.

In March, President Uhuru Kenyatta appointed a task force to conduct a comprehensive review and analysis of the terms of all Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) entered into by the Kenya Electricity and Lighting Company (KPLC).

A 19-member task force was tasked with reviewing compliance with PPAs and all agreements relating to Government policies, laws and regulations and identifying what action should be taken, as well as termination or re-negotiation of PPAs.

“The task force also reviewed the sustainability and prosperity of all independent power generation projects that have been proposed, continue to be implemented, or implemented, and make appropriate recommendations,” read the newspaper’s manifesto.

Other responsibilities assigned to perform include;

  • Review the risk distribution between independent power producers and KPLC under PPAs, and make appropriate recommendations
  • Review the Take or Pay method used under the PPA structure and recommend the appropriate Pay-Time-Deposit (merchant plant) method, or any other appropriate payment structure, for use in independent power generation projects
  • Develop an appropriate strategy to partner with independent power producers and lenders, to achieve relief for consumers of electricity and to ensure the long-term prosperity and sustainability of the energy sector
  • Review current ways to find independent power producers and recommend appropriate sources of energy sources, as well as energy auctions.
  • Suggest legal, regulatory, policy or administrative intervention for the implementation of the Task Force’s recommendations and strategies
  • Develop a comprehensive plan for the implementation of the recommendations made by the Task Force

In carrying out its mandate, the task force is to report and hold President Kenyatta accountable through the Cabinet Committee of the Kenya Electricity and Lighting Company.

The members of the workforce will serve for a period of six months from 29 March 2021.


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