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Kenya on Monday joined the rest of the world in celebrating World Press Freedom Day, under the theme “News as a Public Benefit”.

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This year’s theme serves as a call to affirm the importance of valuing information as a public benefit, and exploring what can be done in the production, distribution and receipt of content to enhance journalism, and promote transparency and empowerment without leaving anyone behind.

The topic is of urgent importance to all countries in the world. It recognizes a dynamic communication system that affects our health, our human rights, democracy and sustainable development.

The Media Council of Kenya (MCK) is leading the country to mark the day amid allegations of shutting down the media not only by government agencies and politicians but also within the media, with some exercising self-control in the face of threats. and powerful.

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MCK CEO David Omwoyo has also urged journalists to prioritize check facts before publishing, more effectively during epidemics.

The National Council of NGOs has also joined the Media Brotherhood and other key stakeholders in the country to celebrate the day.

In a statement the national chairman of the non-governmental council, Stephen Cheboi, commended the media for the great work they are doing despite the many challenges they face among them the ongoing COVID19 tragedy.

“The media plays an important role in our society in education and public information. Information, and knowledge in our times and eras are powerful tools, and free and independent media is the basis for connecting the public with the information needed to defend issues. We commend the media for their hard work in spite of the many challenges they face, including the ongoing COVID19 scourge. Freedom of expression and access to factual and accurate information provided and the media is the foundation of a democratic and secure society. ”He said

The council said freedom of expression and access to factual and accurate information provided by the media were fundamental to a democratic and secure society.

Praised as the fourth pillar of democracy, journalists, journalists, editors and photographers – have always risked their reputation and their lives for the truth of the events.

Such activities require a degree of independence that is guaranteed by the constitutions of democratic nations and the Declaration of Human Rights.

The day is celebrated to ensure the protection and security of journalists during attacks against its independence, to discuss journalistic values ​​and to celebrate journalists who gave their lives in search of truth.

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