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Kenya joins the world in celebrating freedom of the press


Kenya today joined other countries in the world in celebrating freedom of journalism by highlighting the importance of information to the public.

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The country’s media council has spearheaded the celebrations as allegations of silence have been leveled against the government, politicians and media owners.

The National Council of Non-Governmental Organizations has also joined the media industry and other key stakeholders in the country to celebrate this day.

In a statement, Stephen Cheboi, chairman of the National Council of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), praised the media for their good work despite the many challenges facing the centers, including the COVID19 disaster.

The council said freedom of expression and access to accurate information were essential to the success of democracy.

The council said that the media, journalists, editors and photographers risk their lives to expose the facts.

These responsibilities require the freedoms enshrined in the constitutions of democratic nations and the international human rights treaty.

The commemoration is organized for the protection and security of the media at a time when cases of media freedom violations continue to be witnessed, in addition to discussing journalistic values ​​and honoring journalists who have volunteered to copy the facts and reality.

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