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Kenya Airways and Congo Airways will sign a partnership agreement


President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Democratic Republic of Congo counterpart Felix Tshisekedi on Thursday Waforwitness the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Kenya Airways and Congo Airways.

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The agreement was signed in the nation’s capital Kinshasa, on the last day of a three-day official visit Rais Kenyatta in JDemocratic Republic of Congo, you will witness the two national airlines cooperating on a variety of issues.

Some of those issues include those of aviation, training and collaboration in various positions.

Other issues included in the two-year agreement aimed at maintaining the quality of these organizations include co-operation and taxation for the purpose of expanding the networks of these national, African and international organizations.

The partnership agreement was signed by Kenya Airways chief executive officer Allan Kilavuka and his Congolese counterpart Desire Balazire Bantu.

On Tuesday, Enter and Jthe order of democratically Congo has signed four cooperation agreements in several sectors of the economy, security and defense as well as maritime transport.

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