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KBC journalists Isaac Lemoka and Lourdes Walusala were awarded the best journalists


Kenya-KBC journalists Isaac Lemoka and Lourdes Walusala have been honored at the award ceremony for the best journalists this year, for their exemplary work in highlighting the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic in the country.

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Isaac Lemoka was declared the winner in the Covid-19 disaster reporting unit as Walusala emerged as the best in the radio program production unit.

Isaac Lemoka prepared an article on how the Covid-19 epidemic affected reserves yes human milk at Pumwani Maternity Hospital and alternative strategies put in place to ensure access to nutrientsshi special human milk for infants during the epidemic.

According to the media council that organized the event, the aim of the awards is to recognize, enjoy and maintain the quality of journalists. In addition, MCK aims to recognize journalists who have shown the highest standards in their profession, their work ethic and to identify how journalists can be targeted to maintain the best standards in their profession.

The video awards ceremony, led by acting Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu, as well as Maina Muiruri, chairman of the Media Council of Tanzania and Chief Executive Officer of the council, Davidi Omwoyo.

Acting Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu pointed out that when the Covid-19 disaster hit and economic activities were halted, the importance of the media informing the public of what was happening was exemplary.

For his part, the chief executive officer of the council, David Omwoyo, said that despite the source of misinformation, journalists in the country have shown a high level of expertise.

According to the press council, there were 1,119 submissions, but only 18 emerged winners.

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