Kanye West donates his shoes to Kim Kardashian’s home – National Radio



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American musician Kanye West and model Kim Kardashian continue to take steps that confirm information about their marriage coming to an end.

Kanye West’s latest move is to remove about 500 pairs of his shoes from the Calabasas house where Kim Kardashian lives with their five children.
Kanye currently lives in their other house in the Wyoming area and that he and Kim do not talk at all.

Reports indicate that Kanye also arranged for some of his belongings to be taken to Kim’s home with their children.
Another factor that led to rumors about Kanye and Kim’s breakup was their decision to stop attending marital counseling sessions.

In July 2020, reports indicated that Kim had sought a lawyer ready to start a divorce proceedings in court.

It is rumored that Kim’s plans have been finalized to file for divorce and she is waiting for the right time.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got married in 2014 in Italy and a few years later the baby fell into a coma.

The couple were in a heated argument over marriage but what really upset Kim Kardashian was Kanye’s bid for the US presidency.

According to him that was not something they discussed and planned but Kanye just jumped in and started the presidential campaign.

Kanye often has a stress disorder that causes a person to do things without evaluating and sometimes he seems relaxed and sometimes sad.

The musician was stopping taking medication as needed and that also angered his wife Kim Kardashian.

Kim’s family series Keeping Up With The Kardashians is coming to an end and it is said that Kim and Kanye’s separation may be highlighted in the final phase of the show as cameras have been seen tracking Kim who has now learned to raise her children alone.


Kanye West donates his shoes to Kim Kardashian’s home – National Radio

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