Kamene Goro Asked Her Ex To Refund Her Money After He Told Her- ‘Let’s End This’


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Break-ups can be pretty intense. Some turn dramatic, others downright ugly

There are those who round up everything the ex gave them- jewelry, clothes, whatever and give them back as a sign of showing they are done and wish to move on.

A man will ask you to leave behind the dress he bought you on your birthday only to see another woman rock it with the caption “He understands my love language,” on Insta. Or a girl takes back the jumper she bought you only to see the man she swore is just a friend wear it in a club

Well, Kiss 100 radio girl Kamene Goro isn’t the ilk that lets a man slide away with both disrespect and her money- he has to choose a struggle

Speaking on their Breakfast show co-hosted with Jalang’o, Goro detailed how she asked an ex to refund the money she had lent her. And she was armed with Mpesa receipts

“I lent my ex a lot of money. So I remember I sent him a text. I told him the way you have been asking I am seeing like things are not working right? Either you be better or we end things.

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