Kaltun Jama: From Somali Radio to NTV Prime Time Anchor


  • For three years now, Kiswahili News anchor Kaltun Jama has been one of the mainstays of NTV advertisers who have decorated the living rooms of millions of Kenyans.

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    In an exclusive interview with kenyagist.com, Jama, however, admitted that his climb to the summit, the light he shared with other well-respected anchors in the country including Salim Swaleh, Frida Mwaka and Lofty Matambo, was not easy.

    He found out that he started his career at the Somali Radio station in Nairobi where he was a journalist earning Ksh 8,000 a month.

    He later raised the ranks after getting a job there Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), which he describes as the most important step in his career.

    Anchor of NTV News Kaltun Jama out and about.


    “It’s been almost four years since I started working as a journalist. My first job was a company that was paying Ksh8,000. It was a Somali Radio station.

    “I got a job in NTV after mass from his staff. I tried my luck and applied, ”he said, noting that he got the job in 2018.

    He further revealed that his love for the media industry stemmed from his childhood years when he was reading newspaper articles to relatives and friends.

    He continued his craft until high school where he loved the growing Kiswahili language.

    “My childhood was fine. I went to Isiolo Girls in Isiolo County before seeking a diploma. I always wanted to be a journalist since my childhood.

    “When I returned to high school, I almost read Kiswahili books. That’s when I started sharpening my skills. When I was young, I used to read magazines to my relatives, ”he noted.

    With his work now increasingly visible, Jama noted that he is looking at the founder and journalist of the African Uncensored Investigation John Allan Namu “because of the good work he is doing.”

    “A lot of people have started KBC. I learned a lot at the center and worked with an older and more experienced journalist which was a great challenge, ”he added.

    For incoming journalists, Jama advised them to be open-minded as they enter a world that is often the first to disseminate information.

    “Come to the industry prepared. You should not despair because things are not easy in the newsroom, ”he concluded.

    Jama host NTVA good time for the Kiswahili bulletin and the 4th edition.

    National Center Building in Nairobi CBDNational Center Building in Nairobi CBD

    The Nation Center building in the CBD CBD was seized on Monday, October 21, 2019.

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