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Former Churchill Show comedian Jemutai, whose real name is Stella Bunei Koitie, after claiming his young father was a fellow comedian Professor Hamo, accused him of being a bad father.

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He claimed that the comedian had neglected his role as a father over their two children. More details were revealed through the revelations in the stories of blogger Edgar Obare. Jemutai said that her first child, Jeremy, was born in 2016.

Professor Hamo, who rejected the father, claimed that it was because he needed to protect his ‘popularity’. At the time, Chemutai was unemployed and lived in the same room.

They later reconciled and had a baby girl in 2019.

Jemutai posing for a photo with his daughter

At one point, Hamo allegedly asked Jemutai to drop the Churchill Show so they could focus on making his brand more recognizable. Jemutai revealed that the relationship was broken when she chose to stay in the period and be able to provide for her mother’s needs.

Jemutai and her child

It is believed that Hamo became angry, saying that he was a rebel. All this information came to light after Jemutai tried to sell his Facebook account to more than 850,000 followers with the help of Edgar Obare.

She opened up about making this personal decision to be able to provide for her children and other needs, as well as to pay taxes.

Edgar said he had sought out Professor Hamo to comment on the allegations and failed.

Prominent radio presenter 96 Professor Hamo is reportedly married to his wife who lives in Nakuru.

Professor Hamo just posted on his Instagram page the words: “No comments.” It is believed it was related to the Jemutai saga.

In 2018, the two denied that they were dating after rumors spread about them.

Jemutai said at the time: “I am in a real relationship with someone who is not famous. Professor Hamo is not my young father. Such stories can ruin a family. She helps me a lot with my humor and we work together which is why we always look together but we don’t date.

Professor Hamo said: “I wish it was true because she is a beautiful woman but it is not true. We are not dating.”

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