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Jay Z talks about family – National Radio


American musician Jay Z is the husband of fellow musician Beyonce and together they have four children who are Blue Ivy, Nine and twins Rumi and Sir.

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Unlike other world famous people the two do not like to talk about their marriage and family in an interview but Jay Z was relatively open when he was recently interviewed by a British newspaper.

Jay Z whose real name is Shawn Corey Carter says that he understands the motivation their children may feel due to the popularity of their parents but they support them in everything they want to do in life.

According to him, they do not adopt the style of education in which the parent chooses a course for the child, perhaps with the intention of finding a successor to further his or her business and career.

Instead, he said that he and his wife, Beyonce, have made it possible for their children to feel loved and supported on a regular basis.

Your first son Blue Ivy seems to choose to follow in his mother’s footsteps in music as he has been involved in a Grammy Award-winning song. Blue Ivy also helps her mother in her clothing business where she often appears in the sales photos.

The name “Ivy” is also used in the name of the style of clothing called “Ivy Park”.

Many view the marriage of these two musicians who are also entrepreneurs as complete and as problematic as any other marriage in the world but it is not.

In 2018, Jay Z in an interview said that he had to understand how to handle his feelings through channels such as talking to his girlfriend and thus he saved their marriage which was in trouble at some point.

He did not mention the problem.

Regarding the changes brought about by the Corona tragedy, Jay Z explained that when the requirement to stay at home came into effect, they used the time as a family to stay together.

Over time they learned how to cope with the current epidemic of Corona virus.

Jay Z and Beyonce got married in 2008 in New York an event that was not widely publicized according to their will.

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