Jalango latest to fall victim of moral cop Ezekiel Mutua


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Media personality Jalango is the latest celebrity to fall victim of Kenya’s moral cop Ezekiel Mutua after he hosted twin couples Chiwerus.

The Bonga Na Jalas show host had invited the twins, who reportedly fell in love with one another, to explain themselves out.

However, according to the Kenya Films and Classification boss, Jalango’s move normalizes and glorifies the ‘anti- social behaviors that are against the country’s cultural beliefs.

” These so called celebrities are looking for bizzare sensational stories to trend at the expense of our culture and morality. In the process they are normalizing, glorifying and glamorizing anti-social behaviors that run counter to our culture. This is wrong and should not be allowed,” Mutua wrote in his latest tirade.

“KFCB will pursue all possible legal means to stop this nonsense. User- Generated Content must adhere to the law. Those using online platforms to broadcast content to the public will be held accountable for any breach of the law.”




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