Jackie Maribe, Chantal to Headline Erick Omondi’s Wife Material Season Two


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Comedian Eric Omondi might have lost the grace and ‘bags’ of certain corporates following his controversial ‘Wife Material’ show, but he sure cannot get enough of the clout it accorded him

Consequently, he is gearing for the second season of the ‘reality show’ and he intends to make it bigger- we are talking East-Africa -and his two most notable exes will be part of the cast.

Claiming that the first show left him ‘still single,’ the influencer says plans are in the offing to include his ex-girlfriends, Jacque Maribe and Chantal Grazioli.

“I am turning 40 soon and by now, I should have a family. I realized during the shoot that I can actually get a wife like this; so this time, the contestants will be 23 years and above, the ladies will be from all over EastAfrica and I will have 15 ladies in the house,”

Omondi also added that there will be no cameras in the bedroom or bathroom, but there will be marriage counselors and his two former women will help the potential wives understand him better

“They will come and say what I like, what I prefer eating, and basically everything they know about me,”

He avered that he is looking for a woman who will accept him for who he is – a comedian but admitted that Kenyan women can be a handful

“I lost 11 kgs in three weeks, do you know how stressful it is living with them? Kenyan women are very exposed. I would rather have 10 Tanzanians and just three Kenyans in the next show,” he told Radio Jmabo’s Massawe Japani


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