Iran’s measures reversible upon compliance by JCPOA members



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In a tweet on Monday, Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote, “We resumed 20% enrichment, as legislated by our Parliament.

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IAEA has been duly notified.

Our remedial action conforms fully with Para 36 of JCPOA, after years of non-compliance by several other JCPOA participants.

Our measures are fully reversible upon FULL compliance by ALL.”

Iran has started the process of producing uranium with 20% enrichment at the Fordow facility, said the government spokesman.

In a brief talk with Mehr News Agency on Monday, Ali Rabiei pointed to Iran’s counteractive plan to enrich uranium to up to 20% purity, saying that the gas injection process into centrifuges started “hours ago” following President Hassan Rouhani’s recent order on the implementation of the plan.

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