I’m Not Cut For Marriage, Karen Nyamu Declares After Dating Married, Violent Politician


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She was first cast into the theatre of National limelight when she contested the Nairobi Woman Representative seat in 2017.

The youthful politician had then captured the attention of many city residents with captivating ‘cool campaign billboards’ as she contested for the seat on a Jubilee ticket and has remained in the limelight ever since.

Karen Nyamu who is also a lawyer however has been on the spotlight lately over her personal /dating life after speculations, that she seems to fuel with videos, emerged that she is dating Kikuyu maestro Samidoh and even just had a child for him whom she once revealed is called ‘Sam junior.’

On Wednesday, while on Massawe Japani’s show on Radio Jambo denied the allegations terming Samidoh as a “friend”, a very “good friend”.

“I don’t care what people say about me, I don’t have the time, they can say all they want. I know my truth, I know him as a man who loves his wife and family.”

Asked if she knows Samidoh’s wife, Karen said, “Yes, I know her, but our circles are different and I know she has no beef with me. Because she knows the truth. She knows Samidoh is my friend.”

So why did she delete the video of her and Samidoh in Dubai together enjoying a boat ride?

“Samidoh is my friend. I thought I would post it like my friend but kwa comments, ilileta mambo mingi and because when posting the video, that was not my intention, I decided to pull it down. I had to consider that he is a brand. And normally I don’t delete content, but I saw his family would be affected.”

Nyamu, who wears controversy like a badge of honor further revealed that she dated a violent politician, and it changed her mind about ever getting married.

Karen said she was in her 20s and the politician was already married; adding that what complicated matters further was the fact that she was working in his company and so she could not just walk out of the relationship.

“I love having children and getting a family is a good thing, but I have decided to never get married based on my experience,” she told Japanni.

She claimed the relationship was marred by insecurities and obsession on the part of the man which morphed into violence and that the experience made her insecure with men.

When Massawe took her to task on whether she reported the incidences, she said she felt it would be of no use.

“I was very young and the guy was famous. I felt very intimidated that even if I report, nothing would be done to him, and so I did not report. But I am proud of myself for leaving  the relationship.”

In 2019, she fell at loggerheads with the Nairobi county Assembly Culture and Community Services Committee for allegedly smoking bang in public. Nyamu was spotted rolling and puffing away huge smoke of the banned substance during the annual Koth Biro tournament Umeme Grounds Nairobi.

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