“I was ready to go or stay in Your Senator’s war with Covid-19


Busia Senator Amos Wako has shared his battle with Covid-19, a conference he describes as a near-death experience.

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Wako, who is also Kenya’s longest-serving Attorney General in both the Moi and Kibaki governments was hospitalized with Covid-19 in February and was under oxygen supplementation for two and a half weeks.

In the interview, the Senator talked about the traumatic times he went through and how the conference completely changed his outlook and priorities in life.

“You start to think about whether I will go to the next world and be asked what I have done. What have I achieved? Je! What have I not done? Who I have wronged and I will not have time to seek forgiveness or make amends. You are really praying to God for extra life and more days, ”he explained

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“I checked my life and I was ready to go or stay,” Wako said

The senator said he initially sought personal treatment while ignoring the symptoms he was experiencing such as; dizziness, shortness of breath, and nightmares.

“I was so disturbed by dreams even people I knew I asked them what their name was and that was very embarrassing,” he said.

“Part of my mistake and the reason it was so big was that I was causing any symptoms to something else. I didn’t think I would suffer from Covid and so because of the delay in testing it was the reason it was so bad. he added

Wako was known to his colleagues as a smiling AG saying despite being lonely during his fight with Covid-19 he never lost his smile… “It never disappeared” and he would find himself in contact with health care workers at the time when family and friends did not visit him.

However, Wako acknowledged the high cost involved in treating covid-19 especially for those who do not have insurance which can sometimes be insufficient to cover the cost.

“The cost is very high but I was not worried about the cost, the Senate had taken it but I can imagine someone who is uninsured and can afford everything. But when you are not worried about the cost, you want to return to your normal health and you can address the cost issues later, “he said.

In his farewell shot, the Senator said, “I do not want anyone else to be affected by this tragedy. The experience is not good.”

“Don’t rely on social media, I was taking too many supplements, I had a steam sauna, I would take lemon and hot water and it made me weak. I went to the hospital too late and the doctors were telling me if I was delayed for two days or more I would go,” he said.

“Covid is there is bad. If you have any symptoms try it,” he advised

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