‘I Still Respect ,Support Mzee Abdul Though I Knew He Wasn’t My Dad 20 Years Ago’-Diamond


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Bongo beast Diamond Platnumz has today, in an exclusive interview with Wasafi FM opened up on the latest revelation that Mzee Juma Abdul-the man he bears his surname-is not his biological father.

Diamond revealed that he knew mzee Abdul was not his father 20 years ago. And it was not his mother who poked the devil in the details.

“It is true Mzee Abdul is not my biological father but since my childhood, I have adored him. That was until 2000 when Romy Jon’s (His cousin) mother told me the truth.

He added that no one knew the truth because despite them having different fathers, he took in all his siblings under my wings, from Ricardo to Queen Darlin ”

“Even after knowing the truth, I still loved, respected Mzee Abdul as my father; but it is also worth laying it bear that it was him who kept his distance from me. What indurated my mother was the public sentiments that I was not financially supporting him yet I have been doing that,”

On what he intends to do about changing his surname now that Mzee Abdul wants him to stop using the surname he bequeathed him, Diamond averred that those were legal issues and he intends to consult legal experts on how he can change his surname if that is what Abdul wants

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