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That’s how she defended Tanzanian musician Queen Darleen who has long been considered the sister of Diamond Platnumz about her relationship with her husband Isihaka.

Whispers had been circulating on social media earlier that he had taken her to a love potion so he fell in love with her and forgot his first wife.

Queen is Isihaka’s second wife and at one point a quarrel broke out between her and the first wife who is called Sabra and at one point when she was interviewed Darleen said she knew she was married alone and many thought that maybe the first wife was divorced.

But yesterday the couple Isihaka and Darleen made it clear that they were both in the marriage and then she said that she had never sought her husband a love potion to be with him. He went on to say that if he decided to seduce her then she would be the only wife in the marriage.

They were interviewed on Wasafi FM radio station which is conducting interviews with couples this month.

Isihaka said he divides his weekdays between his two wives, four days for the older wife and three days for the younger wife.

Darleen also explained that she cares a lot for her husband and that is why she must respect her co-wife as her husband loves his older wife very much. That’s why he said that’s why he stopped posting pictures of Isihaka on his social media accounts all the time.

The actress who is a musician under WCB Diamond Platnumz Company was highly praised by her husband who said that he is very good at fulfilling his responsibilities as a wife and that when he is at home she is not Queen Darleen but a Restaurant as even clothes change together.


I have never bewitched my husband! – National Radio

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