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‘I cannot resurrect a dictator’-Prophet Owour tells Magufuli’s family


Kenyan Proclaimed Mighty prophet of God Dr. David Owuor has told and cautioned late president Magufuli’s family against asking him to perform his miracle and resurrect him following his death.

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According to the mighty prophet, he alludes that the late president John Pombe Magufuli deserved his death as he was a dictator who ruled his  country like family businesses

He added that president Magufuli also misled his country against the fight against COVID 19,to a point of provoking God to strike Tanzanians with the virus  if he was not a merciful God.

This comes after prophet Owuor went online and claimed that Magufuli’s family was on his neck, with a handsome reward and requesting him to perform his miracle.

“I can not resurect a dictator , he truly deserved his death and hell is awaiting him.So his family should henceforth stop asking me to  resurrect him.My services are precious, and only preserved for the spiritualy holy”, said Owuor.

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