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Huchoki na wanawake-drama as Size 8 bust Dj MO having sex with housegirl


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Drama was witnessed on Friday morning after celebrated Gospel Dj Mo was caught by his wife Size 8, while he was having sex with their housegirl in the servant quarter. The incident is said to have caused drama and fracas within the Muraya’s compound in Muthaiga.

An eye witness at the scene has revealed that the Dj was caught pants down while screwing their house girl, who is said to have been brought by the Dj 2 months ago.

A privy source next to the couple has revealed that Dj Mo had lied to his wife that he was going for an early morning run as it is his norm.

This is when he diverted into the servant quarters where the housegirl sleeps and decided to engage in early morning sex.

The Ugandan housegirl is said to have been brought into the house by the Dj, for her best Ugandan dishes which mesmerizes the Dj.

The watchman revealed that the Dj has made it a norm, to divert into the servant’s quarters every morning before he goes for his morning run.

This has been happening for one month since the new house girl was brought in. The Dj has been enjoying the housegirl every single morning until today when hell broke loose after he was busted in the act by his wife, Size 8.

A source is said to have tipped the secrets to Size 8, however, narrowed down to busting her cheating Dj Mo.

“Nilikusamehe na bado unanicheat na mboch.Huna ata haya,am packing and getting out of this marriage” said Size 8.

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