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The international technology company Huawei has launched a product and service review and promotion program as part of a business growth strategy to enable a connected and intelligent world.

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The fundraising program is intended to enhance the company’s digital technology capabilities to address the global business challenges posed by the Covid-19 crisis, among other geographical and economic challenges.

Speaking at the 18th Huawei International Conference of Analysts following the release of the company’s latest 2020 annual report, Huawei Cycle Chairman Mr. Eric Xu said the company’s 2021 growth strategy is based on five strategic plans. .

The plans are aimed at improving existing company products and services to promote business stability.

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As part of the effort, Huawei will strengthen its software capabilities and invest more in businesses that do not rely heavily on state-of-the-art process and intelligent automotive equipment.

The company, Mr Xu, said it would add value to 55 technology as it moved to define 5.5G technology and its industry counterparts to drive the transformation of mobile communications.

The five-point strategy will also focus on providing seamless, consumer-oriented experiences in all consumer situations, and innovations to reduce energy consumption for a low-carbon world and address supply continuity challenges.

This year, a three-day event organized under the theme “Building a Fully Integrated, Intelligent World” featured more than 400 representatives, including the technology industry and financial analysts, senior opinion leaders, and media representatives.

“As always, Huawei will continue to create value for its customers through quality products and services,” he said, adding that “As we move forward, we will continue to find ourselves in a vulnerable and volatile world environment. We believe in the power of digital technology to provide new solutions to the problems we all face, so we will continue to design and drive digital transformation ahead with our customers and partners to bring digital to everyone, homes. and organization for a world connected with intelligent people, “Mr. Xu said.

Among other businesses highlighting the company’s 2020 report, confirms that in Kenya, through joint ventures with its business partners, Huawei provided NCBA Bank with a new digital service system last year.

The system provides financial services that include consumers in Kenya and other East African countries, enabling the NCBA to facilitate the real economy and promote sustainable social development.

Founded in 1987, Huawei is a leading provider of information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. Huawei is committed to facilitating digital penetration, bringing digital services and solutions to everyone, home and organization to a connected and intelligent world.

While 2020 had its share of challenges, it also came with opportunities. The catastrophe ended up accelerating the digital transformation of organizations around the world. Mr Xu noted that businesses are moving to the cloud one to three years ahead of schedule.

As new technologies such as AI continue to mature, digital transformation efforts will expand beyond office and production systems, bringing industry to a new level of intellectual development.

As part of the business growth strategy, the company, he explained, will focus on promoting an open environment for collective success. Xu said: “We believe that open cooperation is the only way forward. This is especially true in the ICT industry, where open collaboration and innovation across the global value chain is essential for building resilience and promoting sustainable development for entrepreneurs and society at large. “

Huawei recently released its 2020 Annual Report showing that its total sales revenue consisted of Chinese 891.4 billion yen (US $ 136 billion), representing annual growth to 3.8%. The company’s net profit grew to 64.6 billion Chinese yen (US $ 9 billion), representing 3.2% annual growth.

The company said the growth was due to good performance from its business which maintained stable growth due to digital transformation in many industries.

Focusing on increased investment in future research and innovation, branding, and the construction of an ecosystem; total expenditure of companies as a percentage of revenue increased slightly.

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