Huawei and ZTE dropped India’s 5G trial – KBC


India’s communications ministry has exempted Chinese device manufacturers Huawei and ZTE from its 5G trial, becoming the latest country to shut down the companies.

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The ministry gave permission to several companies – including Nokia, Nokia and Samsung’s network unit – to launch a six-month trial of 5G technology.

Although Huawei and ZTE were not named, they were not banned from distributing 5G devices to carriers.

India is the second largest market in the world in terms of number of mobile users.

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Jio Infocomm The major carrier manufacturers, Bharti Airtel and the Vodafone Idea will be conducting the experiments with the state-run MTNL.

A statement from the Indian government Information Office states that each company “will have to experiment in a rural and semi-urban environment as well as expanding the urban environment so that the benefits of 5G Technology can spread across the country and not just in cities”.

Delhi still cannot enforce any form of official ban on Chinese companies, which currently supply large quantities of equipment to Indian mobile service providers.

However, the government has signaled a stronger, more secure approach to the country’s networks, which is widely expected to work against Chinese companies.

In December, the government said it would discover “reliable” sources of communications equipment that its carriers could use in their networks as part of new security regulations for the industry.

The new procurement rules are expected to come into effect in June, and will prevent Indian Internet service providers from purchasing certain types of equipment from “trusted sources”.

It may also include a list of banned suppliers.

World security issues

Huawei is locked out of 5G development in several other countries, including the UK.

The company is currently on the US Business Department’s Tool List, which restricts access to items produced by American technology and software.

The United States says Huawei could be used by China for surveillance, through its 5G devices and its Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has ordered even some American telecommunications companies to remove Huawei devices from their network.

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