How I Was Saved From a Bullet When Wash Wash Conmen Tried To Lure Me- Uhuru’s Man


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State House Events organizer Big Ted has revealed how conmen have approached him countless times to have him engage in shady deals by virtue of being a StateHouse employee.

Speaking on Jalang’o TV, he said that he would one day reveal how ‘God miraculously removed a bullet on the way of a bullet'(whatever that means)

“Jalas, let me tell you, there are two kinds of people in this world. The type who believe they can work and God will honor them. And those who just create an impression that they are working when they are not working. I have had opportunities to do wash -wash and crazy deals while working at Statehouse. Right now ungekuwa unakuja kuniona Kamiti.”

He added that the rare opportunity to work for the head of State stopped him from engaging in the precarious deals.

“I have this opportunity and one mistake could see me lose everything. I believe life is about more than money, more than power and influence.

Full of inspiration, Big Ted urged, especially young people to be mindful of the company they keep.

“If you hang up with five broke people, you are the sixth one. If you hang up with sis defeated people, you are the seventh.”

Big Ted also avered that some of the creatives in the industry are better off doing something in other ventures other than art- claiming they lack the talent and it behooves those who are established in the industry to tell them not to quit their day job.

He added that part of the reason comedians have been battling depression and others end up committing suicide is because they are not cut for the comic industry avering that, ‘this is the problem with speed. Because what matters in life is not speed but direction.”

“I think we should curate places and spaces where people are able to do so. Again, we need to inspire people in the industry to be organized.

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