How Amos Wako Won Justice Philomena Mwilu’s Heart As Second Wife


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Supreme court’s interim Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu, a one-time divorcee has been a pair with Busia senator Amos Wako for more than two decades now.

Wako met Mwilu in 1997 when the later was working at Jubilee insurance which at that time had a scandal on its back prompting the organisation to hire the services of Amos Wako.

Some millions were stolen from Jubilee insurance and Mwilu sought the help of the attorney general to have the culprits brought to book.

In what has been taken to be love at first sight, the two were out of control within months, not caring two hoots about the fair that got tongues wagging in legal circles.

Since then, Mwilu has been operating in the capacity of the second wife to Wako given that the attorney general was already married to Flora Ngaira.

She came in with her three children who are now all grown up from the past relationship.

The relationship between the two legal minds has been under wraps to the majority of Kenyans.


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