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Here’s how to use the Zoom immersion view feature that Locals Participants have in common


Zoom has provided a new service that allows participants to position themselves in the same natural state. If the video conference is for a school or conference room, the Zoom viewing service can keep up to 25 users in one conference space.

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Zoom became known in 2020 following the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic. More workers began working from home and actual meetings became the order of the day. The company has tolerated a number of common issues Zoombombing Events where unwanted visitors will ruin the meeting with inappropriate content. Zoom fatigue also became a thing of the past because of the stress of back-to-back meetings on the app. Despite this came the concern of Zoom caused by the occurrence of actual meetings.

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The Zoom immersion view feature is similar to the Microsoft Team Joint Path. To enable it

  • Start a meeting. Check out the top right corner where you will get the appearance of speakers and accessories. Click on immersion view.
  • Zoom will give you a number of assembly curtains to choose from. These will vary from layouts that can take up to 25 people and for small groups. Choose to choose what is best for your group ie Classroom, conference room etc.
  • Your fellow conference participants will now be placed on the same base and will look like that on each user’s screen. Hosts will be able to move participants around the background and even adjust them.

For meetings with more than 25 participants, additional people will be displayed in the thumbnail zone above the layout. Currently, meetings on Public View can not be recorded, instead they will be seen as Gallery or speaker layout records.

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