He returns home with injuries from a ‘satanic tour’ in the Taita mountains – National Radio



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A mixed feeling struck residents of Bungule village, Voi area in Taita Taveta County, when a man returned home after disappearing for several days in a state of shock.

Granton Maghanga, a middle-aged man, was reported missing on the 27th of last month, around 6pm.

The situation frightened his relatives and neighbors who immediately began searching for him in dangerous areas with mountains and valleys but their efforts were in vain.

Villagers looking for Granton: Photo courtesy of Jackson Moon

One week later, Maghanga is said to have returned home with injuries to his legs and had also lost his mobile phone.

He was taken to Mwakwasinyi Dispensary where he was treated for the injuries.

After regaining consciousness, Maghanga recounted his ordeal at the time of his disappearance.

He says he walked a long way from home, led by the voice of a man he did not see in the Bungule Mountains.

When he reached the summit of the mountains, a voice that led him to the bottom of a deep pool, but he refused.

Later the voice stopped and he began the journey back home even though he did not know the way to direct him.

He walked through the bushes, to the valleys and rocks and finally fortunately arrived at his home with a lot of fatigue, sleep and injuries.

The situation forced her relatives to invite religious leaders who had begged her to release her so that she would not have to deal with a similar situation.

The incident happened just days after another local man disappeared and his body was later found in a river.


He returns home with injuries from a ‘satanic tour’ in the Taita mountains – National Radio

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