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He got me pregnant and dumped me-Bob Collymore’s wife accuses Jeff koinange of using her


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Late Safaricom CEO wife, Wambui Kamiru is now accusing citizen TV news anchor Jeff Koinange for using her sexually and dumping her later.

In a long post on her Instagram, the widow claims that Jeff Koinange had an ill motive of furnishing her name, after she had sex with her with a promise of marrying her.

Kamiru, claims that she got engaged to Jeff Koinange after the burial of the late husband with prospect of building a family with him, little did she knew that it was a trap he used to get in between the sheets with her.

The 42 year old mother of three, now blames the news anchor for getting her pregnant and later blocking her henceforth.

She called on netizen to help her in making the final decision concerning her pregnancy with Jeff before she terminates the unborn child.

“Hello guys, it’s been a living hell, for those who knows me, I have been through up and down and am now 2 months pregnant. I need advise before I do the unthinkable. The person responsible has since gone silent on me. Need advise ASAP”, said Wambui Kamiru.

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