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He broke my virginity, got me pregnant and later dumped me- Yasmeen Said now says Rashid is an evil man


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Yasmeen Said famously known as Maria in the famous Maria series which was aired on citizen TV now claims that she lost her virginity to Swahili news anchor Rashid Abdallah in prospect of being offered a job.

The 20 years old actress has opened up, on the rumors which have been circulating on social media, about her sexual encounter with Rashid Abdallah, who is a married man.

According to Yasmeen, who spoke to our source, revealed that she indeed had a sexual relationship with Rashid Abdallah outside his marriage.

She alludes that she regret getting involved with a married man, who has since blocked her after getting her pregnant.

The actress, says that she met with Rashid Abdallah when she was a virgin, just after her high school studies.

This is when she attended an interview, where Rashid and his crew were recruiting various casts for the Maria series drama.

Upon being promised an acting role, she gave into him, where she lost her virginity to Rashid, who later offered her a job.

Their relationship went on, until she got pregnant for him. Upon telling him the news about her pregnancy, Yasmeen says that Rashid Abdallah blocked her and cautioned her against calling him again.

“Rashid broke my virginity and got me pregnant, now he does not want me. He is an evil man”, said Maria.

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