Hatuogopi Chai Zako! Mwakideu Fires Salvo at Edgar Obare


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Scandals: No, forget the American drama series, I mean the Kenyan version of scandals. It is basically the act of busybodies prying over who is effing who- real or perceived.

Others call it being served ‘tea.’ In Nairobi, the tea-brewer is vlogger Edgar Obare. His chief consumers are women.

They not only consume, but they also provide the ingredients used, by providing information for the expose’. Often, they are jilted lovers.

If only that energy was channeled into exposing the corrupt individuals stealing our Sh2 billion taxes daily.

Victim of this ‘tea’ includes Radio Presenter Alex Mwakideu who has now said he no longer fears being exposed for life will eventually move on.

“Unapiga ma screenshot, nakupigia simu una record, natuma video unasave, za nini? Kisha tukikosana kidogo, chai…

Si Jalang’o amewekewa chai hapa na maisha inaendelea, Mwakideu nimeekewa, DJ MO, Wa Jesus, maisha itaendelea tu, hatuogopi chai,”

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