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Harmonize, who owns a music company by the name of Konde Music, hit the headlines late last year after asking to work with an emerging Tanzanian artist by the name of Anjella.

Anjella lives with a disability and has only been performing by repeating songs by other great artists and that is when Harmonize was delighted with her singing ability.

Contrary to many expectations Harmonize the great artist sent Anjella a message on Instagram asking her to work with him something Anjella did not believe.

But later the two artists met and began devising strategies for working together and the work seems to be completed according to Harmonize’s announcement that their tablet will crash on February 14th, Valentine’s Day.

Harmonize had originally planned to make his work with Anjella the first of its kind this year but he seems to be changing plans as he has already launched another song titled “Anajikosha” and has included Anjella in the video.

Their song is called “All Night” and in her ad, Harmonize claims that it is a very good song and will lift Anjella very much. he also thanks her for her work and agrees to work with her.

Harmonize has changed the appearance of Ms. Anjella who was originally just dressed casually and was not using cosmetics.

Anjella as she was before and as she is now

Music watchers in Tanzania feel that Harmonize’s move to bring Anjella and work with her is to try and compete with Diamond Platnumz who took Zuchu and started working with him and now Zuchu is doing well.

Harmonize was previously under Diamond’s supervision at WCB but resigned and set up his own music company under the name “Konde Music”. He always releases songs and says words that many feel are aimed at Diamond but Diamond has never responded.

At one point Harmonize admitted his respect and affection for Diamond and Diamond did not respond. In a recent interview with Wasafi Fm, Diamond said he did not respond to Harmonize’s recognition as he felt he was not truthful and used his name to make himself famous.


Harmonize and Anjella hit launch on Valentine’s Day – National Radio

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