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Katani residents in Machakos County are protesting against a small contractor building a road in the area.

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Locals say Bixxon Ltd which was awarded a small contract by China Wuyi (K) Company Ltd is incompetent and therefore cannot build roads to the recommended standards.

Members of the Katm Cosmopolitan Residents Association say the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA), which had entered into an agreement with the company, should terminate the contract and replace it with a qualified contractor.

They said the road was worse than when construction began, a situation that has forced residents to leave their cars parked at petrol stations at the Katani shopping center. Roads are impassable, especially during the ongoing rainy season.

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“Let China Wuyi do the work or the contract should be terminated immediately and re-contracted. In fact, after seeing the good quality of the road made by China Wuyi, we had high hopes that the same would be interpreted for our Katani road network. But we are very disappointed. Instead, China Wuyi signed the works to a contractor whose ability is questionable, ”said Janet Ndunge.

The media during the protest noted that the entire length from Mama Teresa’s quarry to the Camp was impassable.

The media also reported that China Wuyi (K) Company Limited is the main contractor awarded by KURA to improve the tarmac standards of the chain – Athi River – Joska Road under contract number, VOTE / DEV / HQ / 310 / 2019-2020 .

The Vision 2030 project of the national government is under the supervision of the Director, Urban Roads Development.

Bixon Ltd contractor Geoffrey Ngure acknowledged construction by China Wuyi (K) Ltd to provide the project. Ngure, however, said he could not comment on the project unless he was approved by China Wuyi.

“There is nowhere on the record that I am a contractor there. As a contractor, we are not allowed to speak to the media at all. The person you need to talk to is a customer or contractor, the client is VOTE and the contractor is China Wuyi (K) Company Ltd. I’m sorry, I can’t talk anymore, ”he added.

The residents said their vehicles could no longer reach their homes. They accused a young contractor of removing the murram they had bought with their own money and selling it out and leaving the road with cotton sand.

Nguli also said traders have been affected by poor road conditions and bodaboda operators raising fees for road transport.

He said the altercation created (Katani Secondary – Primary School Road) was impassable and the destination for all vehicles.

“We advised the contractor’s website engineer but he ignored our comments, but following the onset of heavy rains the road is in a very bad condition,” Nguli said.

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