Grace to grass: Alcoholic former Tahidi actor, OMOSH, faces eviction over Ksh 100,000 rent arrears.


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Speaking to a local site, Omosh confessed that life has become tough to an extent that he is not able to provide basic necessities for his family.

So far, rent arrears have accumulated to Ksh 100,000 and his landlord has threatened to kick him out and sell all his household items so as to recover the money.

“Providing food and other basic needs for my family has been a major problem. The landlord wants to collect everything from me,” the actor who lives in one of the low-end estates in Nairobi’s Eastlands area confessed.

Omosh said that besides facing financial hardship, his marriage is on the rocks since he is not able to provide for his family.

Thursday, February 11, 2021 – Former Tahidi High actor, Kamau Kinuthia alias Omosh, may soon be evicted from his rented house together with his family over rent arrears.

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