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The topic of love, relationships and marriage is so wide that it cannot be completed, but Kenyan musician Vivianne has come to terms with a number of interesting comments.

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Relationship experts advise that it is very important for a person to keep collecting all the information they receive in order to fully understand it.

They say, there is learning the way, there is knowing the way and there is the way. This is very practical on marriage, as those who have traveled for a while become more experienced in the field.

Popular Kenyan musician Vivianne, whose real name is Vivian Wambui, has been married for a few years and feels compelled to say something about her for the benefit of her fans.

He shared the news through his social media platforms today, April 23rd.

“Anyone who is honest will tell you that marriage is not a joke,” he explained.

The Listen to me The hitmaker said he could not fail to appreciate the fact that God can do everything, including marriage, to work.

“However, the fact remains that God can do anything to work. The secret involves surrendering in his own ways and he will reveal himself to you. ”

The wife, Vivianne advised, has a place to play from when the couple first meet as friends and make the union stronger.

“One of the things I can testify to is that you and your spouse need to work on being friends. That even as you grow older, you need to respect and care for each other’s well-being. ”

For him, genuine friendship helps to bring happiness even in difficult times.

“I understand that these times are hard for most couples but I would like to challenge you to try to be good friends with each other. True friendship is sweet and brings happiness. I thought of sharing this today. “

Sam West, a standing Kenyan comedian, DJ, multi-talented artist, and Vivianne have been together since 2016, and held their cultural wedding in March 2018.

Vivianne entered into a marriage with a daughter from an old relationship, and Sam West brought up a son.

They have managed to build a good mixed family.

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