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Fisheries Receive Ksh1.8 Billion Over Lamu Port Construction –


The Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) has been set up to compensate hundreds of fishermen affected by the construction of Lamu Port, with the amount of compensation estimated at Ksh1.76 billion.

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At least 4,734 fishermen have been listed as beneficiaries of the exercise, which is expected to begin soon following a meeting between the KPA and a multi-agency team at the Lamu County Commissioner’s office.

“We are distributing the entire program and working closely with all parties involved to ensure that we do not leave anyone out,” KPA Head of Cooperative Affairs, Mr Benard Osero told Rate.

The emergency medical team has been clearing the list, which had reached more than 6,000 names by 2019, according to Mr Somo Mbwana, chairman of the Coastal County County Management Network (BMU).

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“In 2016, we went to court to seek compensation after the project implementers took over the fishing grounds. At that time we were 4,734. But by 2019, the number had hit 6,000, ”said Mr.

The fishermen were given the same amount after moving to court in collaboration with the Save Lamu movement.

Lamu Port is expected to be ordered in June, and the KPA has already shipped the first batch of equipment to be used at the Port from Mombasa Port.

The second batch of supplies will leave the Port of Mombasa on May 15 for the assembly ready for the opening of the port.

The port was built under the Lamu Project, South Sudan, the Ethiopian Transport Project (LAPSSET) at a cost of around Ksh5 billion.

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