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Fired Hospital Employee Awarded Ksh3 Million



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A court has ordered Pandya Memorial Hospital to pay Ksh3 million to a lab technician who discriminately retired in 2015.

The hospital is said to have asked Geeta Joshi to retire by the end of 2015, having clocked 55-years-old, which they argued was a retirement age for a female staff.

“The employment records at our disposal indicate that you were born in 1960. We seek to advise you that the management will retire you upon the date that you will celebrating your 55th birthday,” a letter issued by the management reads in part.

Pandya memorial hospital

Pandya memorial hospital


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The Court of Appeal has since ruled that the hospital’s policy to retire female staff aged 55 years old meant that their male counterparts had a different age limit, arguing that it was a form of discrimination.

In light of that, the hospital has been ordered to compensate Joshi a total of Ksh3 million.

The row between Geeta Joshi and her employer begun in 2014 when she demanded a higher responsibility allowances amounting to Ksh40,000.

Following the request, the hospital would write a notice to her, asking her to explain why she should not be fined for allegedly leaking confidential information to an unauthorised individual.

She would respond to the claims, requesting for a meeting with the hospital’s top management.

Almost a month later, the hospital hired another laboratory superintendent and Joshi’s appointment was nullified.

A year later, the hospital asked her to retire on the basis that she was almost 55-years-old.

The ruling by the Court of Appeal came a year after High Court Judge Linnet Ndolo awarded Joshi Ksh5 million.

However, Pandya hospital made an appeal which has since seen the figure reduced by Ksh2 million.

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