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Radio presenter Jambo Massawe Japan, her husband Tom, and their daughters enjoy a wonderful time.

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They are all radio celebrities, as Tom Japanni is the boss of Radio Life.

The two have been showing off the fertility of celebrities despite having demanding jobs and a tight schedule.

Last weekend, the youngest daughter, Taji Japanni, turned five, and her parents did everything they could to make her special day memorable.

Massawe shared on his social media platforms photos taken during the girl’s birthday party.

“Love and light for our rays of the sun,” he snapped a series of photos.

The five-year-old crown is a very playful person, and unlike her older sisters, she is more lively.

He shines the faces of his parents and older sisters.

On his birthday, his mother wrote a sweet message.

“Dear daughter, I pray that God will give you grace over your life so that you can enjoy victory in everything you do. Happy 5th Crown, ”he said.

Massawe’s friends had time to celebrate with the Crown.

The famous comedian Wanjiku, formerly of the Churchill Show, was among the aunts of the celebrities present.

“Mother and Aunt” wrote Massawe in another post.

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