Exclusive: New Twist in Ainea Ojiambo Moi Avenue Gun Incident


  • New routes have emerged at the Ainea Ojiambo gun battle on Friday, April 30, on Moi Road. A the guard died while a passer-by received serious injuries after the Makutano Junction actor opened fire against two attackers.

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    Speaking to kenyagist.com on May 1, acclaimed attorney Cliff Ombeta shared an understanding of the city police investigation.

    The lawyer said the witnesses claimed they had heard more than two rounds of ammunition or ammunition, so police were forced to conduct a ballistic search on the Ojiambo rifle.

    “The police have to prove that the guns and ammunition involved were my clients.

    Attorney Cliff Ombeta (left) with actress Ainea Ojiambo (center) at a private event


    “There are reports claiming that there was more than one gun involved. Witnesses now said they had heard more than two shots, “Ombeta said but played cagey and claimed if police were following the direction and investigating whether the gunfire occurred at the scene.

    Ojiambo was detained on Friday evening, April 30, after police rescued him private military contractor and weapons expert from the angry mob who were accusing him of abusing his gun.

    Filmmaker was captured on CCTV cameras pulling out his gun after being caught by two hooligans who wanted to loot his valuables.

    Ombeta explained that his client was still being interrogated and was ready to be detained until Monday, May 3.

    “As long as a person deserves to be brought to court within 24 hours, he will be detained because of the fact that 24 hours only count during working days and not weekends.

    “However, they have not filed any charges against him and if they do not have any, then they may be forced to release him,” the attorney who owns a law firm, Ombeta and Attorneys Attorneys explained.

    Earlier, through his social media pages, Ombeta protected Ojiambo from criticism, saying that he was not at fault as he had the right to defend himself.

    One police officer who dispersed the crowd on Moi Street after a further shooting said that the licensed gunman had no intention of firing. A full report will be released soon, according to the official.


    Ainea Ojiambo, filmmaker, actor, private army contractor and pharmacist

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