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The controversial musician and businessman Akothee, whose real name is Esther Akoth, is an attractive woman, who does not get ridiculed for happiness.

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He says nothing, in any case to anyone and holds his head high, for he is not afraid of anything in life.

Although many know him for his drama, Akothee, whose songs are included Your goodness, and Sweet will, a collaboration with Tanzanian star Diamond Platnumz, is sometimes very significant in his social media posts.

The founder and owner of Akothee Safaris, a tourist company, has had extensive discussions about romance, love, relationships, and marriage. Who knows, he may be planning to settle down.

A mother of five, has also been talking about having another child, but who the father will be, is still a mystery and that is Akothee for you.

In fact, at once, Akothee acknowledges the need to have a man in every woman’s life no matter what the man is like and even if he has no teeth.

The Boss Lady has been a Mtwapa on the North Coast, for the past few days and all has been well, as there has been no electricity for several days.

The power outage had severely affected him, hampering his travels, until it was repaired last night.

But the proud mother could not watch TV as there were flaws that she could not correct.

And that is how she discovered a man is very important in the life of every woman.

Watch what he says.

“This is my problem, man. I’m tired of this life. I’m thinking of moving to Mars. ”

Akothee has a word of caution for her fellow women, who think married life is difficult and being single is better.

He said only those who have gained experience can advise the same

“Things that hit you when you’re 40. Those who think marriage is a prison, try to eat and sleep alone for five years, and come back we compare notes 🤣🤣🤣. You can’t advise people about a life you’ve never lived alone 😂😂🤣. marriage, divorce, widows and separated. You who have never tried to live with a cat, how do you know marriage is not important? “he asked himself.

And at one point, Akothee defended marriage, saying that it provides security.

“There is security in a marriage. Stay in your MARRIAGE. Speaking from my home for marriage. ”

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