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London rapper, singer and creative activist Eriel Indigo he has never refrained from addressing uncomfortable topics. This character is included in his latest song, “Lost”. The provocative song sees the free musician express his experience in the music industry.

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“Lost” is actually the third song of his upcoming album, Angels & Strangers. Produced by Kevn Blvk (whose contribution extends to LP), the heavily influenced hip-hop song takes the essence of the song.

Aipate reached out to Eriel for an interview with the singer of “Breakfast Basics” shedding light on a new song as he lifted the cover on his upcoming album.

Your new song “WASTED” strongly criticizes the music industry for female artists. Je! Is this something you have to deal with personally?

In fact. It is written from personal experience, not about one condition, but the inclusion of experience. I know it as non-human or sexual water, but I don’t think there is a working artist who has never dealt with an unhappy situation in one way or another, be it a woman, a man, a transition, a non-binary, a sexual fluid etc .. It can come. in different forms but I think in all industries and as a society as a whole we have a lot of growth and education left around borders, mutual respect, sexuality, male equality / femininity, communication, shame and more. As is clear if we can have a close conversation with the wounded, the sick and the broken parts of how we interact, it is better, so that we can all learn to have a healthier world.

The original songs “Renegades” and “Basic for Breakfast” are also explosive. Je! This spreads to the next album? Je! What was the general impetus?

I would say that the album as a whole has buttons that push the buttons all over, but that’s nothing new to me. Hahaha. I have always been guided to focus on topics that I think need more clarity and stimulation of ideas around them.

Sometimes you explore black themes on your music. Je! Does your creative process usually take you too deep?

I think more often than not, it’s the opposite. I am already exploring and feeling the emotion of the stories I am leaving with art and through the creative process, I am able to bring the simplicity of being to what others might think of as a “dark” topic. I’m already going deep and music is a port where I can therefore turn feelings of trembling like anger, anger, or sadness into high vibes of empowerment and relaxation.

Your sound mixes pop, hip-hop and punk rock. Je! Which artists would you say are your most important influences?

I grew up listening to all kinds of music from the beginning of music recording to the present, so I draw from a wide variety of sounds. I would like to say that I am most impressed by the artists who are the creative revolutionaries, Heyokas, the push & the awesome, the top news distributors and the voice of the world of sound.

Je! What is your own opinion on creating these music videos, based on their importance to the songs / topics?

I record all my music and record and direct all my videos. I bring in teams to help me revive them and usually invite a co-director to be behind the camera, as well as the director of photography, as I can’t be two parts at once… so far. Hahaha

When can we expect an album release date announcement?

I have to announce the date within the next month. I’m hyped about this project. I feel like it’s the most real music for my soul that I’ve ever made. I am very grateful to my producer on the album, KEVN BLVK for allowing me to fully do whatever I wanted with transparency, supportive atmosphere and a lack of research that I have never experienced with a partner. It has been a wonderful journey.

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