Erick Omondi’s Wife Material Show Premiers on 2nd March and Here are The Qualifications


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Despite noise from feminists, reality shows that make women look like a joke in the name of entertainment continue to flourish.

From the Real Housewives of ‘This and That’  in the US where women practically spend their lives on Camera gossiping about each other and angling for scandals to stay relevant, Big Brother Africa where it is competition for being boogie and ‘sexapedes’ to Wife Material show where a lucky dude gets to kiss different women on Camera – and they all cannot wait for their turn to taste his tongue.

Sounds like fun, right? Well, damn your opinion and mine. Because Wife Material season two is here. As long as they no longer involve teenagers and the age of participation has been increased to 23, let the drama begin

Here is what Eric Omondi, the ‘coveted bachelor’ for the show had to say

“I learned a lot as a person during the Wife Material show. One of the things that dawned on me was the fact that am not getting any younger. I will be turning 40 in two years’ time. Even though the show was Scripted and very well choreographed I realized somewhere along the way that this could actually be a PERFECT way to seriously meet someone to Actually spend the rest of my life with.

And so I said to myself, I want Kenyans and East Africans and all my fans to witness me meeting Someone, Marrying them, Having Children, and ACTUALLY, REALLY, SERIOUSLY SETTLING DOWN WITH THEM. Wouldn’t that be awesome!!! Wouldnt that be beautiful??? Wouldn’t that be different? I want to PROMISE you one thing, there will be NO MORE SCRIPTS, NO MORE CHOREOGRAPHY!!! WIFE MATERIAL 2 (East Africa Edition)will premiere on the 2nd of March 2021and will produce an ACTUAL WIFE for me and will have the following:

1. 5 Ladies from Kenya 🇰🇪
2. 5 Ladies From Tanzania 🇹🇿
3. 5 Ladies from Uganda 🇺🇬


1. 23 Years of Age and above
2. Ready and Willing to Get Married and Settle down.
3. Must not be in an active ongoing Marriage.

– We will officially open the applications on the 26th of February and Close on the 28th of February.

– The show will officially start airing on the 2nd of March and will run for a month.”

Alright ladies, go get your man

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