Eric Omondi goes after old ladies


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Guess who’s back with another one of those reality shows that are supposed to look real but deep down we all know it’s scripted and extremely choreographed; it can only be Eric Omondi.

However it seems like he is done dealing with young socialites like the Shakillas and is now going for the older ladies and has decided to brand them shosholites.

Lord knows I am not ready to see Eric Omondi on a yatch with Grandmas kissing all in the name of chasing sunsets and finding love.

I can already picture Dr. Ezekiel Mutua frowning ready to do one of those immorality check speeches he does every time celebrities get out of hand.

Quick question though, he was previously trying to find a wife, what could he be trying to do with grandmothers?

Looking for a mother in law? Guess we just have to sit patient and see what he got up his sleeve this time.

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