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Kakuzi Limited has received an international release report released by the Ethics Business Plan (ETI) recognizing the promises that Kakuzi has made on workers’ rights.

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ETI, an international organization working to define best practices in the business of ethics, has acknowledged a number of developments in alternative dispute resolution measures undertaken by the Nairobi Security Forces (NSE) listed by Kakuzi PLC.

The ETI report stated: “We know how the horticulture industry is of great value to Kenya and to those whose livelihoods depend on it. We hope that by addressing legitimate labor issues, by building better relationships and working practices, Kakuzi can come out. strength to strength in the best working environment and safe working environment.We congratulate those who have achieved this agreement and urge them to ensure continued development and transparency for all involved.

Speaking while confirming the confession report released last weekend, Kakuzi PLC CEO Mr Chris Maua said ETI in its independent review saw positive progress in what they described as a ‘reliable and meaningful way to handle claims.’

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The allegations, Mr Maua reiterated, were alarming to Kakuzi’s brotherhood and continue to be taken seriously. The company’s board, he revealed, is already working to establish a state-of-the-art Independent Human Rights Advisory Committee (IHRAC) whose role will be to provide independent advice to the Board on issues related to Human Rights and administrative structures.

“A carefully regulated administrator by ETI reaffirms our commitment to adopt and maintain the highest possible administrative standards in all our activities,” Mr Maua said.

He added that “Acceptance also acknowledges the progress made in promoting and consolidating the OGM benchmark benchmark (OGM) benchmarked against the UN Principles on Trade and Human Rights. free.

Maua went on to say that while the company maintains third-party intellectual and environmental audits, Kakuzi’s promises go beyond just audits. “We have recently sent two independent organizations to conduct employee satisfaction surveys and an independent Human Rights Impact Assessment. Such reports are essential to our operations; we need to know where we are today and what improvements need to be made to move forward. This is a journey, in an organization of this caliber and thousands of employees and various stakeholders who look in depth at the corners of your business is essential, “Mr Maua said.

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in the UK, ETI exists to improve working conditions in global distribution chains by devising better ways to implement ETI’s Principles of Performance Management.

“We urge ETI member companies that have a business history with Kakuzi to maintain constructive dialogue with the company and work with others to ensure independent verification of the reported progress. In this way, medicine can be guaranteed, and trust can be rebuilt.” .

ETI member companies, trade unions and voluntary organizations work together to address many complex questions about what steps companies should take to conduct business ethically and how to bring about positive change in the lives of employees.

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