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Vlogger Maureen Waititu has long been setting body targets using hot images, which are the envy of other women. However, the mother of two is open about the different body changes she has been forced to go through from an early age.

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YouTuber Maureen said that being thin sometimes struck her as those around her kept reminding her of her condition and their thoughtless comments.

“Long story short, my body has undergone several stages of change since I was a baby. Growing up, I was very thin and I couldn’t hear enough from the people around me, ”read part of his description.

The lawyer, who owns y254 television, claimed that his female (female) teachers almost forced him to hate his body, causing him to lose his faith. He would be called to school and charged that he was wearing tight clothes and it was still the shape of the body (hips) that was changing because of his youthful stage.

A good actor said that everyone deserves to be accepted. She said it is normal to be obsessed with body image but practicing self-love and self-acceptance will help a person feel more confident and avoid impossible beauty standards.

“Lastly, embrace and love your body at every stage of the transition but strive to get tested all the time and follow a healthy lifestyle. As a mother of two, I have loved and valued my body more than ever! ”He wrote.

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