Drama as Wife Learns That Her Husband’s Secretary Is a Co-wife During His Burial in Siaya


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If you are married to an archetype African bloke-nay- let me make it crisper; if you are married to a Luo man who has means, chances are, you have a co-wife- real or perceived. Make peace with that

It will save you the agony that befell one Norah Atieno after she allegedly learned that her husband’s secretary was actually assisting in more than office duties

The widow of Washington Olweny, the former director of Evans Sunrise Hospital in Nakuru, has detailed in court how she learned that her husband’s secretary was her co-wife.

Atieno, who is seeking control of the Sh200 million estate belonging to the late Olweny, denied knowing that Anne Wanjiru was married to her husband.

According to The Standard, Atieno claimed that she only knew Wanjiru as Olweny’s secretary, and not his wife. Well, until his burial when she saw Wanjiru’s name listed as a third wife in the eulogy.

In her testimony, Atieno told the court that she only came to know about Wanjiru as a third wife after Olweny died on November 28, 2016, after he got sick.

“Wanjiru was included in the burial. However, I am not aware of the facts of the marriage of Wanjiru to my late husband,” she told the court, adding that she had never suspected that Wanjiru and Olweny had a relationship beyond her working for him.

Oh wait, it gets more interesting- apparently, there is another woman in the picture-the supposed first wife who has also gone to court denying the existence of both Atieno and Wairimu

Akoth has also moved to court to block the two from the deceased’s properties.


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