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Drama as Size 8 finds out that Dj MO is HIV positive


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Drama has been witnessed today morning after gospel musician Size 8 discovered that her husband who is a celebrated Gospel music Dj MO is HIV positive and that he has been taking ARVs.

The incident is said to have left Size 8 in  Shock after she bumped into ARVs, which belongs to her husband, Dj MO.

Dj MO, who has in the recent past been involved in cheating scandal is said to have contracted the virus from a city prostitute, whom sources have revealed that he also have a child with.

Dj MO, is said to have been left dumbfounded and speechless, with nothing to tell her lovely wife.

Angry Size 8  demanded and explanation from her husband on why he was HIV positive and declined to reveal that status to her.

This is when Dj MO decided to reveal to her on how and when  he contracted the virus.

“Pole Sana, nilipita ukimwi kutoka kwa Malaya nilihave sex na yeye. Hizi tembe nimezimeza for one year right now. I still love you, usimiwache”, said Dj MO.

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