Drama as House help Exposes Socialite Bridget, Says She Does Not Even Have a Bed


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It is a cinch that the economy has taken a beating thanks to the ramifications of the Covi-19 pandemic and even sponsors are having a hard time keeping with the needs of the high maintenance women known as socialites

It explains why our timelines are less inundated with vacation pictures and a whole lot of braggadocio from these lasses

While others like Sidika have opted to stay lowkey and enjoy the company of their newfound toyboys, the rest like ‘Black Cinderella’ and Bridget Achieeng are embroiled in online beef- and you know when two merino lock horns, it is noisy and messy

It began when Black Cinderella, known best for featuring on Nairobi Diaries tv series, took to her Instagram accusing Bridget in a series of posts for amongst other things, not paying her house-help for months

Not to take the accusation with a belly on the ground…

“You learn a lot about people when they do not get what they want from you. Just coz I didn’t wanna be a friend? Is it by force or to give you fame?” she retorted

Black Cinderella fired back,

‘What fame does one keep talking about always (laughing emojis)…Me to be your friends? Someone I went with to maternity until you gave birth, did I ask for fame? I do not want to be your friend, you are known for the wrong reasons, I do not want to be your friend neither do I want your fame or fake lifestyle. I want you to apologize to everyone. Let us start with the young girls you are misleading, we go to Shanty’s parents especially the mother (sic) (verbatim, in including the grammatical mishaps)

A leaked audio has since surfaced allegedly of the said house help unleashing a tirade of unverified accusations, some of which cannot be printed

But she amongst other things claims the socialite is dead broke and does not even have a bed.

Unbelievable for someone who claimed on live TV to having used Sh10 million to bleach her skin.

“I didn’t have money and when I got it, I said I will buy Kenya, I’ll buy the world. If I had more money, right now I’d have used 50 million,” she said


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