DP RUTO’s right-hand man accused of ordering food worth Sh 15,200 and refused to pay the bill – Chunga hawa matapeli


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According to revered blogger and social media commentator, Robert Alai, controversial businessman, Patrick Osero, ordered food worth Sh 15,200 at a city hotel and refused to pay the bill.

Alai said Osero, who is alleged to be a business associate of DP, ordered the food at 3DEE Restaurant in Kilimani but refused to pay it.

Alai asked Ruto and his fellow ‘hustlers’ to tell Osero to pay the bill.

Tell Ruto’s right-hand man Patrick Osero that he needs to pay for the food he ordered from 3Dee Restaurant in Kilimani but has refused to pay for it. 

Friday, February 12, 2021 – One of Deputy President William Ruto’s confidants has been accused of ordering food at a city hotel and refusing to pay the bill.

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